Online Dictionaries

Includes both the dictionary and thesaurus. This dictionary gives words nearest to your request, if you are not sure of the spelling.

This is the web version of the Roget’s Thesaurus of English words and phrases. A good aid to find synonyms for overused words. Words may be looked up in the thesaurus or dictionary

Indexes over 670 online dictionaries including many in specialized subject areas. You may browse an individual dictionary or glossary or use the search engine to search all dictionaries at once.

Access 1800 dictionaries in 230 languages.

Online web dictionary and thesaurus.

Links to a wide array of Web resources for language learning in some of the world’s major languages; includes dictionaries, news and magazines, and literature.

An award winning searchable list of acronyms and abreviations.

Developer: Mountain Data Systems A searchable database of >186,000 acronyms,abbreviations and initialisms.


Developer: Mark Olsen, ARTFL Project, University of Chicago 

This social science dictionary has 1000 entries covering the disciplines of sociology, criminology, political science and women’s study with a commitment to Canadian examples and events and names.


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